About Sam Koski

Man hanging on to the light of life.
New Light of Life

First and foremost, I am not a doctor of psychology, I am not a therapist, and I am not a professional on the subject of Narcissist Personality Disorder by any means. What I am is a male survivor of abuse from a female with NPD. I am a father of children with the narcissist. I am a man who was going to spend the rest of my life with this individual, even if it killed me; which it almost did. It was not until the narcissist discarded me, after two decades of being together, that I began to see all this. I am a man recovering from, learning from, and as a result, growing from, being in love with a Narcissistic female.

I learned terms such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, PSTD, Gaslighting, and Grayrock. Although there are more cases of males with NPD mentally abusing females I believe there are not enough platforms discussing how males can be mentally abused in a relationship by a narcissistic female. It is for that reason I offer this blog to all those curious minds out there about NPD and those recovering from abuse; yes this is mental abuse. This story is mine for my recovery as much as it is for me to share with the world what I have discovered in hopes of helping those like me learn. Learn that what has happened to you does not make you a bad person. Learn that self-love and boundaries is not narcissism. Learn that life, love, and happiness do exist after the narcissist, even when you have to share children with one.